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Google Nexus S: A Samsung-made Gingerbread-running Google phone?

Engadget has pictures of a handset purported to be the Google Nexus S, follow-up to the HTC-made Google Nexus One.

It seems that the published photos are about a month old, but show a very Samsung-esque handset with rounded corners, that horrible spotted-back and a large-ish screen (although there are no details on inch-size as yet).

The only other nugget of information is that the Nexus S will be running Android Gingerbread when it launches – but who knows when that will be?

Update: Looks like the Best Buy inventory system has provided a little more information, specswise. The Google Nexus S will apparently be rocking a 5-megapixel camera, and quadband spectrum at the very least – there’s no sign of HSPA+ but we wouldn’t be surprised to see 4G capability for the lucky Americans with access to 4G networks as well. [via Phandroid]


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