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Google Pixel 6 Review

The newest Pixel phone rocks Google’s first ever chipset and seeks to maintain an excellent reputation for photography. Can it live up to these expectations?

What we love — Strong camera, neat software features

The Pixel 6 is a new start for Google’s series of smartphones, a change heralded by an all-new design, the brand’s first chip (named Tensor), plus a completely new camera.

The new look is attractive and a bit flashier than previous Pixels (although the glossy finish certainly picks up fingerprints easily), but we actually prefer the flat screen of the standard version over the curved display you’ll find on the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

There’s a wide angle and ultrawide lens on the back, both of which are very capable and bear comparison with results from the iPhone 13, although the device lacks an optical zoom option. It’s enhanced by software tricks such as Magic Eraser, which removes unwanted objects from the frame, and Motion Photo for capturing fast-moving objects.

As for the battery, it will get you through a heavy day’s usage and fortunately doesn’t deplete quickly when it’s on standby mode.


What we don’t like — Performance could be better

The screen has neither the highest resolution nor the highest refresh rate around; yet with 1080p and 90Hz in these two fields, it still performs well if not exceptionally.

Likewise, the Google’s new Tensor chip does not rack up high scores on benchmarking tests when compared to the very cream of the crop, but it nonetheless gets through daily tasks without too much of a problem (although unfortunately we experienced a little software jank, especially when opening up the camera app).


The Pixel 6 is a significant jump in quality over the Pixel 5, and we were particularly impressed by the camera quality and the new software features. You can find better screens and CPU performance elsewhere, but this is a worthy Android device to consider.

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