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Google Play game services launch featuring cloud saves, online multiplayer and more

Hugo Barra and a number of the other Google elite have just been debuting a slew of new features coming to Google Play which avid Android gamers and developers alike will no doubt be very thankful to see. Save for a technical hiccup or two, we were given our first glimpse of the new Google Play game services.

This all-encompassing name is actually broken down into four key new aspects for gamers. First and foremost is the Cloud Save feature – users with multiple devices; whether that be Android phones and tablets or even iPods, iPhones or iPads, can play select games on one device and switch to another with the ability to pick up where they left off.

Google Play game services

Alongside being able to play solo on any of your devices, game services also features a new matchmaking multiplayer system. Using Google+ and your circles, you’ll be able to see what your friends are playing, when they’re playing and if they’re in the midst of playing a game you can invite them to a multiplayer session (this can accommodate up to four people). 

The third piece of the puzzle is achievements and just as Xbox and PlayStation gamers should already be familiar with, the ‘achievement/trophy unlocked’ mechanic is now coming to a host of games that interface with Google Play.

Should your own achievements not be enough to beam about, the last addition to game services is the inclusion of leaderboards, so that there will now be a centralised location to see your scores on games as well as how you rank against friends and top-notch players internationally.

Google Play game services will be available to all Android users with devices running Android Froyo or newer. Google has also published a precursory list of games already designed to interface with the new service which is as follows: World of Goo, Super Stickman Golf 2, Beach Buggy Blitz, Kingdom Rush, Eternity Warriors 2 and Osmos.


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