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Google steps up the fight against malware

Google has announced that it’s adding a bunch of new protective countermeasures to Chrome, Search and ads in order to keep users safe from malicious content while they’re surfing the Web.

From now on, users of Google’s Chrome browser will see a distinct red warning page when they attempt to view websites which are known to serve up malware, homepage hijacks, adware and other nefarious programs which may negatively affect people’s surfing experience or privacy.

In addition to that gigantic red flag, Google has also taken steps to remove advertisements which might surreptitiously lead unsuspecting users to websites like those mentioned previously.

The company has also stated that it will be clearly labelling sites, with a reputation for trying to con people into installing malevolent software, in its search results, allowing people to dodge the bullet entirely if they’re on their toes.

Needless to say, the buzzards who make their money writing malicious code and thinking of ways to mess with people for a quick buck will, in time, find new and inventive ways to monetise our misery, but for the time being the extra layer of protection that Google’s pushing out will likely save more than a few people from the headache of trying to remove the tick-like software once it’s got it roots into your machine.

Of course, you will have to tolerate the increasing levels of bloat in Google’s Chrome browser to capitalise…but you can’t have everything, can you?


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