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Google to launch free streaming service

Google is on the verge of launching a music streaming service on its Android devices, according to reports by the FT.

The search giant is in advanced talks with music labels, according to the newspaper and will put itself up against the likes of Spotify and Deezer. The launch of the services could come within weeks.

The newspaper said that the streaming service would offer users a subscription service as well as free unlimited listening backed by advertising. A model sported by Spotify and Deezer. Such a move could also put pressure on Amazon and Apple to launch streaming music services themselves.

Google launched a music download service in the US and some European countries in November 2011 which allowed users to uploaded up to 20,00 tracks in their iTunes collection through Google’s Music Manager app. Users can then stream these songs through a browser or through an app on their Android device.

There was speculation that Google may launch an app to stream music through Android devices or pre-install it on Google’s own Nexus devices and Chromebook PCs. The app may well keep track of a user’s listening habits, allowing the search engine firm to build up a database it could use to flog advertising off the back of. Google makes 95 per cent of its revenues from advertising.

Google is also trying to obtain licences from music labels to start a paid subscription service on YouTube for music videos with that service rumoured to be launching sometime this year.


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