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Google Wallet to debut in London for the Olympics 2012

It looks like you lucky Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners in the UK will be the first Galaxy Nexus owners in the world to try out Google Wallet. Thanks to Verizon, Google Wallet won’t be making an appearance on the US models and according to French newspaper Les Echos reports with Google prepping for a 2012 trial launch here in London in time for the Olympics, it’s Google wallets a-go for Android four point oh.

If you don’t know what Google wallet is, it’s an Oyster card style, touch-based way to pay for things. If your credit or debit card has three wavy lines, that denotes it utilises the same NFC technology, short for Near Field Communication, as does Google Wallet. The only difference is that Google Wallet lives inside your phone. If that made no sense, check out this video:

If the French newspaper’s reports are correct and Google are planning to get Google Wallet fully operational in London in time for 2012 Olympics this coming July, it will be an incredible platform upon which to launch the feature, with the Olympics bringing spenders from around the globe piling in to witness the global sporting ceremonies.

Source: Les Echos Via: The Next Web


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