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Grand Theft Auto 3 coming to iOS and Android

Rejoice, fans of “squalid mind poision” and “mental slurry”: the Daily Mail’s favourite drive-em-up, Grand Theft Auto, is coming to iOS and Android devices in full 3D glory!

Developers Rockstar Games are releasing a ported version of the series’ Grand Theft Auto III to celebrate the game’s 10th anniversary (anyone else starting to feel old?). Dropping the series’ last mute protagonist into the heart of a re-imagined New York city, players must climb the rungs of the city’s criminal underworld, stealing cars, surviving shoot-outs with police and whacking enemies on their way to the top.

This will be Grand Theft Auto’s second drive-by of iOS devices, the first being the top-down Chinatown Wars, ported from the PSP last year.

Now the bad news. Sadly, the game will only run on dual-core Android devices, and only on the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 for Apple fans. On the upside, however, GTA 3 will now play on basically any beat-up PC you can scavenge from the local tip, and can be picked up from Amazon for around a fiver.

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