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Griffin reveals iPhone-controlled helicopter toy – for under £40

Griffin has announced the Helo TC, its latest addition to their AppPowered range of accessories, tying new hardware with free apps available from iTunes. We’ve got some exclusive early shots of the helicopter and transmitter.

Working with both iPads and iPhones, you’ll be able to steer the control using either touchscreen buttons or using the tilt controls of the accelerometer. Griffin has announced it’s set to cost £34.99, and should be “available to buy in time for Christmas” so expect a release date in stores this autumn.

In addition to the Crayola Color Studio HD, available now, and Beacon, that it also announced today; the Helo TC app turns your iOS device into a remote for a indoor helicopter. Available to buy in time for Christmas, priced at £34.99.

The helicopter can be charged from any USB port, and it works by pairing the infra-red dock with your iPad through Bluetooth. The dock itself clips onto the back of your iDevice, with a headphone cable for some as-yet unknown reason, perhaps a tether?

For those over-zealous pilots, Griffin has informed us that the copter will have replaceable main and tail rotor parts. There’s also an LED spotlight for night-raids, and 3 programmable flight paths. Other specifications include an eight-minute flight time, whilst the infra-read controller requires 4 AAA batteries.


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