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Griffin Twenty Audio Amplifier: makes your speakers Airplay compatible

Griffin has launched a new audio amplifier that makes all non-powered home speakers Airplay compatible.

CES 2012 hasn’t even officially opened yet and already we’ve seen some incredibly innovative products, such as the Griffin Twenty. This unique device is a 2.1 sound system, designed to be used with Apple’s Airport Express, (which docks on top) making non-powered speakers Airplay compatible.

This means you can stream Apple Lossless sound from iTunes on your computer or alternatively it’s compatible with Airplay-enabled iPhone and iPad apps like Spotify, Pandora and Last FM.

Griffin Twenty uses Airport Express to capture and decode the AirPlay stream, sending the sound to your speakers (via optical out) outputting at 20 watts per channel.

Mark Rowan from Griffin Technology comments: “The Griffin Twenty is the easiest, best-sounding solution for consumers who have speakers that are not AirPlay-enabled but still want to stream high-fidelity audio wirelessly, not only can users stream from their iTunes library, they can easily connect with any AirPlay-enabled iOS device.”

Of course to use the system you do need Airport Express, which costs £79 and you need to have a pair of non-powered stereo speakers. If you’ve not got these, it may work out more convenient just to invest in an all-in-one AirPlay system. But for audiophiles, it’s a fantastic solution of course it depends on the price and there’s no news on UK pricing just yet, but we’ll bring you more news as soon as we get it.

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