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Guardian news app launches on Android

The Guardian has just launched its news app designed especially for Android smartphones

Although it’s been on iOS for a while, it’s only now that the app has arrived on Android  and features all the content you’d expect to find in the newspaper and on the website.

We tried it out using our Samsung Galaxy S2 and were really impressed, the interface is incredibly clean and simple to use. But the best thing about it is the customisation. Choose up to eight sections to appear on the homescreen, from a wide choice including: News, Sport, Politics, Business, Money, Books, Art and Design, Education and Obituaries and Stage. Like sport? You can choose to have your entire homesceen made up of the latest sports news.

It’s really useful to be able to select the update frequency: from 15 minutes to 2 hours. You can also download it to read offline, scheduling whether the download takes place over WiFi and whether or not you want to display images, saving your data allowance.

It’s not just news either, there’s a good selection of videos and photographs – although photography fans should really check out the Eyewitness, The Guardian’s dedicated photography app.

One of our favourite features is the share button, where each story can be shared to Facebook or Twitter. Elsewhere choose your favourite contributors and topics as favourites

Download the app now for free, it’s certainly one of the best news apps we’ve seen


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