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Guinness World Records gets a smart new iPad app

There has been a free Lite Guinness World Records app for iPad for a while now, but it was always intended as a taster for a fully-fledged paid app later. Well, it’s just gone live.

Costing £2.99, the app lets you swipe and tap your way through a wealth of world records, reading and watching videos. We’ve been playing with the app, and the way it’s been designed for the iPad is very impressive indeed.

What’s more, the new app lets you actually set records on your iPad. No, not for ‘Most Regularly Polished Screen’ or ‘Clearest Reluctance To Hand It Over To A Toddler’ – our hold on both of those is unstoppable.

Instead, you can compete to become the ‘fastest 100m on an iPad’, using your fingers to race against a virtual Usain Bolt, but also other users. There’s also a Memory Challenge, and a Fastest Alphabet Backwards challenge.

It’s very good, although also very big – a whopping 363.3MB in file size. While the content is good enough to justify the download wait, it’s something to be aware of if you’ve been filling up your tablet recently.


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