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Hailo: The best cab app for Android and iOS?

Hail black cabs? Hail no more with Hailo. This iOS and Android app is a god-send for anybody who makes a habit of longingly willing a cab to turn up on a cold London side street at all hours of the day or night. Using your GPS, the application tells you where the 5 nearest black cabs are in relation to you and with 23,000 black cab drivers registered in London, odds are one will be nearby.

When you find your cabby, our closest was 1 minute away, simply press the “Pick Me Up Here” button and you’ll be prompted to clarify a payment method. You can either pay by cash, or by card with card details entered into the app itself upon first use. When the cab is confirmed, you can walk in the direction of the cab, the cab can drive in the direction of you and low and behold, you’re in a cab, no hailing, no waiting and no fuss.

What’s more is that if you pay by credit card, Hailo actually bypasses interest so the cab journey itself is a 0% interest expenditure. That you only pay what the metre says with no hidden charges and have the option to auto-tip a set percentage means there really has never been an easier way to bag yourself a black cab in the big smoke.

You can download the app for your Android or iPhone and there are Windows Phone and BlackBerry versions purportedly in the pipeline. With the service set to launch in Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh and across the east coast of the US, it looks like Hailo is poised to take over the world, but one thing’s for sure – anyone thinking about coming to London, with full-functionality here now this is one app we can whole heartedly recommend.


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