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Hands on: Jabra HALO headphones

Let’s face it, big headphones look stupid. You walk down the street, mired in your own smug sense of cool as you listen to some cutting edge music, only to look like a particularly weedy cyber-man. Girls hate you and people point and laugh. You may as well have left the house wearing nothing but a sombrero and some lederhosen.

Jabra has decided to try and help this embarrassing dilemma by releasing the Halo BT650 stereo headset. On the side of the box Jabra promises ‘cutting edge technology with exclusive materials’. That’s fine but they still make you look like a drooling berk. What matters though is sound quality and we are sad to say that this is where things come unstuck for the Halo.

We started by using the cable that comes with the headset, so we could plug the headphones into our iPod via a 3.5mm headphone jack. It may have been our iPod but music sounded crackly and for some reason things kept falling silent. The iPod we tested the Halo on wasn’t able to test the wireless functionality though — so we held out some slim hope.

To test the Halo’s wireless capabilities we used a Sony Ericsson C905 that we had lying around the office and it was incredibly easy to pair the headphones up with the handset. We are pleased to say there was an immediate improvement in sound quality over Bluetooth, which is fortunate since wireless music is the Halo’s point of existence. Unfortunately when you stack up all of the Halo’s issues and add to them flimsy build-quality, you get a rather lacklustre product. To put it bluntly these headphones won’t make you look cool and we think that there are better stereo Bluetooth headphones out there.


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