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Hands-on: Samsung Galaxy Mini 2

The Samsung Galaxy mini 2 is naturally the successor to the original Galaxy mini. Being amongst the most modestly specced of the Android handsets showcased at MWC, it sits in the lower end Android category and will more than likely come with a mini price-tag to boot.

Here at MWC, we’ve had some hands-on time with the phone and it seems its personality comes in the form of a yellow backing. Reminiscent of the Samsung Genio of old, it’s clearly aimed at more of a teen audience with it’s textured, vibrant battery cover and 3.27-inch screen. Under the cover is the battery, underneath which is the SIM card slot.

With HVGA resolution, the screen looks decent enough and at 3.2-inches is the lower-side of usable. While the Samsung Galaxy mini 2 doesn’t feel cheap per se, it definitely feels like deja-vu. Virtually identical in spec to the Samsung Galaxy Gio released last year with the same feel as numerous other Samsung handsets out at the moment, a yellow back cover isn’t enough to make the Galaxy mini 2 feel unique.

The 800MHz processor did however appear to power everything along smoothly and there’s a 3-megapixel camera around the back for pictures and videos. With the Samsung Galaxy Gio on sale for as little as £135, if all these specs look good and you just can’t wait, get your mits on a handset rocking them, give it a go. If however you’re smitten by the shiny yellow, a Q2 launch should see the Samsung mini 2 arrive on our shores.


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