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Harman Omni HD wireless speakers set to challenge Sonos

Heads up, audio lovers. Harman’s busted out its new Omni Wireless HD Audio System – a set of wireless speakers that let you stream music to different parts of the home via your smartphone.

The Omni system works a little like offerings from Sonos in that it connects wirelessly to your phone via Wifi or Bluetooth. Once connected, you can play any music stored on your phone, or via your favourite streaming audio services (Spotify etc.) through Harman’s Omni 10 or Omni 20 wireless speakers.

The Omni wireless speaker system lets you stream music around the home.

If you already have a fancy stereo, you can integrate it with your wireless setup using the Omni Adapt plug-in accessory.

What sets the Harman Omni Wireless HD Audio System apart from rivals is the fact it plays music in ‘high definition’, thanks to its use of Blackfire Research wireless media technology. The Omni 10 and Omni 20 speakers support 24-bit/96kHz ‘studio quality’ audio streaming, so on paper they should provide very clean audio – although the proof will be in the listening.

Omni 10 and Omni 20 speakers can work as standalone speakers, but push the ‘link’ button and they can be combined to play the same track in a wireless stereo setup. If you fancy taking things a step further, you can splash out and connect up to five units simultaneously, which will no doubt come in handy for parties.

The Omni 10 is priced at £159.99, the Omni 20 at £249.99 and the Adapt at £99.99. All three will be available form mid-October.

Watch out for a full review soon.


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