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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery (iOS/Android) Tips & Tricks – Getting Started

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery lets you step back into the wizarding world on your smartphone or tablet, but you don’t actually play alongside the ‘boy who lived’; instead you’re treading your own path through Hogwarts, seven years before Harry even steps foot inside the world-famous school of witchcraft and wizardry.

You, along with companions like Nymphadora Tonks progress through from starting as a fledgeling witch or wizard to facing your hardest trials as a seventh year.

How to get into the house of your choice

If you’ve taken the Pottermore Sorting Hat quiz before you should already know your de facto house but the entire structure of Hogwarts Mystery is around giving the player choice.

After a brief description covering what qualities are best associated with each house, the game lets you choose – no cryptic questionnaire, just four simple options: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.

How to get the most gems and coins each mission

Three words: tap on everything. As you play through missions you’ll notice most have a minimum star rating to pass, and if you just want to advance the story, then that’s all you’ll need to acquire.

But tapping on everything with a blue highlight in each mission will land you extra coins and experience, as well as maximising your player stats so that you’re better equipped to deal with tougher challenges later on.

No need to be a bookworm

Once the game has outlined the three key attributes your player possesses (courage – which uses a green shield icon, empathy – which uses a pink heart icon and knowledge – which uses a purple book icon) don’t worry about that last one. You’ll naturally accrue knowledge points more readily than the other two skills based on the sheer number of potions and spells you’ll be learning.

It pays to have the highest rating as possible in all three qualities as you’ll sometimes encounter interaction options that you won’t be able to use unless your ranking is high enough

Quick-fire wizardry

Most missions are tied to a time limit ranging between one and eight hours. The longer the mission length you choose, the more experience, coins and other goodies you can rack up. The moment you start such a mission, blaze through your energy as soon as possible.

The sooner you exhaust your energy count, the sooner it can replenish. It forces a start-stop gameplay experience, but if you keep on top of your notifications, you can ace any mission with time to spare.

Secret stamina

Whilst you can tap on anything with a blue highlight within a mission to interact with it, there are actually secret elements all over the game world that will reward your curiosity with extra energy.

Try tapping on anything in the environment that stands out or looks out of place, even a twig lying on the ground might be worth investigating…

The obvious choice

For die-hard Harry Potter fans, this tip should come naturally, but if you’re not as au fait with Potterverse you just have to adjust your mindset. Based on our experiences within the game so far, in circumstances where you have multiple responses to make, go for the one that seems like the most canon.

Even though you as the player might choose differently, answering as a student at Hogwarts would, will often be your best bet at choosing the most passable answer.

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