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Here’s what the stylish new OnePlus Pac-Man phone looks like in action

Last week, OnePlus announced a Special Edition of its Nord 2 smartphone, but without any pictures. Now we’ve got our hands on the device so you can see exactly what it looks like.

There’s little that demonstrates the advances in tech over the past few decades than the arcade machines of yesteryear and the smartphones of today. But with the glorious collaboration that is the OnePlus Nord 2 x Pac-Man, the two have come together in a mash-up that will be like catnip to gaming enthusiasts.

Take a look at the video below, as we unbox the device and show you exactly what it’s got in its locker:

First announced on 8 November, we can now reveal what the device actually looks like — a secret that had been kept well under wraps during the intervening week.

After getting it out of the box, the influence of Pac-Man on the design was noticeable everywhere. The real panel has a small reflective icon of the little guy, and there are snack pellets arranged geometrically around him. What’s more, when you switch the lights out then a glow in the dark depiction of a maze becomes visible. The see-through case supplied in the box also shows off designs from the game, with the multi-coloured ghosts taking centre-stage.

oneplus pacman background

The OnePlus Nord 2 x Pac-Man Special Edition, in its case

Once you switch it on, you’ll find plenty more tributes to the classic arcade game; the default background shows our hero in all his glory, while icons for essential apps such as messages or the camera have been redesigned in pixelated form, and there is of course a pre-installed version of Pac-Man that’s available to play. Reportedly, even more Easter eggs are waiting to be discovered as you use the device.

oneplus pacman screen

The OnePlus Nord 2 x Pac-Man Special Edition on the default home screen

Once you’ve appreciated these loving nods to Pac-Man, the device seems to otherwise be the same as the standard OnePlus Nord 2. This highly recommended smartphone greatly impressed us with the standard of its performance, its camera delivers excellent results even in low light conditions, and it also retails at an affordable price. The only downsides to us were the fairly mediocre battery life, and its lack of a certified IP rating.

The OnePlus Nord 2 x Pac-Man Edition will be sold in just one variant with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage for £499, €529 and ₹37,999.






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