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Hitman GO and Monument Valley finally arrive on Windows Phone

Two of our favourite mobile games from 2014 have finally arrived on Windows Phone – Hitman GO and Monument Valley.

If you like a puzzle, both of these fantastic titles will be right up your street. In Hitman GO you return to the sharp suit and shined shoes of Agent 47, but this time the look a feel of the game is grounded more on the idea of a digital board game.

Rather than free-roaming through a villa deciding to disguise yourself as the cook to take out your target with a butcher’s knife, GO draws on many of the franchise staples, but meters gameplay through use of a ‘board’ when you and your adversaries move around set spaces.

Hitman GO

It’s a turn-based dance that requires you to think several steps ahead of your current situation, study enemy behaviour and you can choose to complete each chapter a number of ways. What’s more the whole experience is tied together with a beautiful distinctive art style.

If stealth and murder isn’t exactly your cup of tea, then Monument Valley is the perfect puzzler remedy. We fell in love with the mind-bending genius of its design the first time around and despite forcing Windows Phone users to wait a little longer, you can also jump straight onto the Forgotten Shores expansion in this version, should the first ten stages not to satiate your appetite.

Just like Hitman GO, you’re immersed in a beautiful, distinctive world, dominated by pastel colours and subtle shadows. Fans of M.C. Escher will immediately recognise the concept behind the level design of this game, but deciphering its puzzle as you guide the little white princess, Ida, to her goal won’t always be as easy as they first appear.

Sliders, cranks, handles and a fresh perspective are the tools required to traverse the strange world of Monument Valley and aside from fan-favourite Totem, you’re left alone to rediscover the lost secrets of a forgotten civilisation.

At the end of the day there’s only so much we can encapsulate in words to describe how enjoyable both of these top notch games are, but now that they’ve made it to Windows Phone there really is no excuse to give them a go.

Prices vary depending on which platform you’re after, but Monument Valley is best purchased by Android users, whilst Windows Phone wins out for the lowest price on Hitman GO.

  Hitman GO Monument Valley
iOS £3.99 £0.79
Android £4.79 £0.49
Windows Phone £3.89 £3.09
The Monument Valley: Forgotten Shores expansion is available as an additional in-app purchase for £1.49.

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