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Hot Springs Story opens doors on Android: Stupidly addictive Game Dev Story sequel

Hot Springs Story is a management sim game from Kairosoft; makers of the seriously addictive Game Dev Story that we spent most of Christmas 2010 playing. Hot Springs Story, as you might have guessed, puts you in charge of an up and coming hot springs resort.

Available on the iPhone since this February it’s recently arrived in the Android Market, and looks set to take over our lives just like Game Dev Story did.

The idea here is to become the top hot springs resort in Japan. You go about by plonking down changing rooms and hot springs (separate ones for ladies and gents) in an isometric view game field, connecting everything with wooden decking walkways.

As well as this, you can increase your customer’s satisfaction by adding some scenery; decorative trees, rock gardens, that kind of thing. Imagine what a Japanese version of Theme Park would’ve looked like on the SNES.

While HSS doesn’t have the same meta appeal that Game Dev Story does, it’s got a similar quirky manga-esque charm. The retro 8-bit style graphics and soundtrack add to the appeal and differentiate this a bit from the rest of the ‘… Story’ management games we’ve seen for iOS and Android devices.

We didn’t quite enjoy this as much as Game Dev Story we’ll be honest. But it did make us want to visit a hot spring and get some sushi rolls for lunch.

You can check out a free Lite version of Hot Springs Story, which lets you play for a limited time (one in-game ‘year’). If you’re taken with it you can currently pick up the full version at a discounted price of £3.05.


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