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How to install Huawei’s EMUI 5.0 beta and Android Nougat on your Honor 8 phone

From today, Honor 8 users can download and install the latest version of Huawei’s Emotion UI software, EMUI 5.0, as well as Android Nougat onto their handset. Here’s how to download the beta onto the Honor 8 and all you need to know about EMUI 5.0.

Huawei launched the rather surprisingly brilliant EMUI 5.0 update last week, along with the first phone to feature it – the mighty Huawei Mate 9. We’ve been playing with EMUI version 5.0 for a full week now and we’ve been well and truly converted to the fold. We never used to get on with Huawei’s Android launcher, but now we’re big fans thanks to some essential tweaks and new features.

Check out our full EMUI 5.0 review if you don’t believe us.

One of the best Huawei phones of 2016 is the Honor 8, an excellent flagship mobile boasting premium design and some great specs for well under £400. And if you’ve already sprung for the Honor 8, the good news is that you can download and install EMUI 5.0 on your phone from today – in beta form, at least. You’ll even get updated to Android Nougat to boot, which is what EMUI 5.0 is based on.

Here’s our complete guide, including instructions on how to download and install EMUI 5.0 and Android Nougat on your Honor 8 phone.

How can I download and install the EMUI 5.0 beta on my Honor 8?

First off, to install the EMUI 5.0 beta you’ll need a charged Honor 8 and to be based in the UK. This beta isn’t available outside of the UK just yet, so apologies to our foreign readers.

You’ll also need an active SIM installed in your mobile to install the beta. And finally, if your Honor 8 is bootloader unlocked, you’re out of luck.

If you meet the requirements, the first thing you’ll need to do is install Honor’s Over-The-Air (OTA) update to put your phone on build number C432B131. Before this process, you should be on build B120; you can check which build you’re currently on in the Honor 8’s settings. Just head to About Phone, and it’s in there.

To receive the OTA update, just head to Settings and then Update (near the very bottom of the menu). When the update is ready, you’ll get a message asking you to download and install. Follow the guide and your Honor 8 will be brought up to date.

With that done, head to Honor’s EMUI 5.0 beta page and download the beta ZIP file. Unzip this on your computer and then copy the unzipped APK file to your Honor phone.

With your Honor 8 connected to a WiFi network, open that APK file in the phone’s file explorer. Once this is installed, you’ll have a new app called BETA on your handset. Give this a tap to open it and follow the instructions to log into your Huawei ID account.

Once you’re all signed in you’ll need to head to Personal, and then Join Project, and then Available Projects. You’ll need to select the beta program and if there are any available spaces (places are limited), you’ll progress to the Joined section.

With this done, you’ll get the OTA update to Android Nougat and EMUI 5.0. Enjoy! And if you’re struggling with any part of this update process, check out our hands-on video below:

Should I install the EMUI 5.0 beta on my Honor 8?

EMUI 5.0 is a great update on the old EMUI 4.1, offering some brilliant features not found on the older version. For us, the addition of an apps tray alone makes this a must-have, to keep your desktops from getting all cluttered. Check out our EMUI 5.0 tips and tricks guide to see more about the best new features.

Of course, this being a beta version, there might be some bugs still lingering within. So while EMUI 5.0 works fine on the Mate 9, there’s a chance you’ll see some glitches on the Honor 8 if you download before it’s fully finished and available as an OTA update.

We’ve downloaded and installed the beta on our own Honor 8, so we’ll update here with our experiences shortly.


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