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How to easily browse the iOS App Store on your PC or Mac

Searching for iOS apps using iTunes or the App Store’s search function can be ridiculously frustrating and it’s even worse on a PC or Mac, but a new site called App Akin has sprung up to take the stress out of finding your perfect app.

When you search for something on App Akin, the results are sorted into separate categories, which makes it a hell of a lot easier to plough through the huge list of results.

For example, if you search for “football”, you’re actually presented with a neat, categorised collection of results with headings like ‘American Football’, ‘Soccer’ and ‘Sports News’. It’s a massive improvement over the usual raft of search results including anything which is vaguely related to football (and a few which aren’t, but still manage to sneak in).

The site’s search function is even clever enough to understand vague search terms, when you’re not entirely sure of what you’re looking for. For instance, App Akin happily flagged up a whole bunch of medical games, including the one we were going for, when we entered the words ‘bored’, ‘disease’ and ‘game’ (yes, it was Plague Inc). It also served up a bunch of self-diagnosis and medical apps too, so we can uncover some interesting tropical diseases once we’re done eradicating the world’s population.

Each section of apps is presented in a grid style, complete with user rating and price (in dollars sadly). Just click on one and you’ll get the full description, screenshots, age ratings and all of the usual content from the App Store, plus a link to download.

God bless App Akin for taking the pain out of finding great iOS apps. Head over and bookmark it right away if you’re an Apple user, better yet if you work for Apple, maybe look into implementing App Akin’s tools natively.


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