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How to find Recombu’s special hidden easter eggs…

To celebrate Recombu’s recent transformation into a beautiful and sexy swan, our IT bods have hidden away some special bonus easter eggs. Here’s how to find the first…

You may have noticed that Recombu has had some work done recently, with a slick new redesign nip n’ tuck. Why thank you dear reader, and you’re looking gorgeous too.

To celebrate our redesign, we’ve hidden away a few very special bonus features for you to find. The first is right here on Recombu Mobile, and it’s a playable version of a blast-from-the-past mobile game. To take this trip down nostalgia lane, you just need to…hang on, that would be far too easy. Let’s just give you a hint: Konami code.

Recombu Mobile special bonus hidden feature high score

Above you’ll see our personal best high score so far. If you can find the game and better our score of 103, let us know in the comments below. We’ll be giving you hints on the remaining easter eggs very soon…


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