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How to read comics on Kindle: Amazon Panel View and other FAQs

Our guide to downloading and reading comic books on your Kindle Oasis, Voyage, Paperwhite and classic Kindle devices. Here’s how to buy and enjoy comics on your Kindle and an explanation of the Amazon Panel View feature and Comixology service.

How can I read comic books on my Kindle device?

The easiest way is to purchase directly through Amazon itself. Amazon has an impressive collection of comics and graphic novels on the Kindle Store (over 100,000 at last count), covering a wide range of tastes. You can grab Marvel comics, Manga books and collections from around the world.

To buy a comic book and read it on your Kindle, you can either browse the Kindle Store on your computer or directly through your Kindle device. Any purchased comics will then appear in your Kindle library on the device, ready to download.

Can I view my own CBZ or EPUB comic files on my Kindle?

No. Kindles such as the Oasis, Voyage and Paperwhite don’t support CBZ or EPUB comic files. However, you can at least read PDF comics on your Kindle device. Just connect your Kindle to a computer using the USB cable and then copy the PDF files directly into the Kindle’s Documents folder. They will then appear in your Kindle’s library.

What is Amazon Panel View and how do I use it?

Amazon Panel View is a feature built into recent Kindles that gives a more comfortable comic book reading experience. Open a supported comic book on your Kindle and double-tap any pane to zoom in, which makes reading speech bubbles and other text a lot easier.

You can flick left and right with your finger or use the Kindle’s physical page turn buttons to move from one comic pane to the next. However, when you swap to a new comic page, the view will automatically zoom back out again. You can also zoom out manually at any time by double-tapping the screen once more.

Amazon Panel View is supported on Kindles with software version 4.1 or greater, as well as the Kindle app from version 3.5. Note that not all comic files support Panel View; for instance, PDF comic files that you’ve downloaded outside of the Kindle Store can’t use this feature. However, most comics on the Kindle Store now support Panel View.

What is Comixology and can I read Comixology comics on my Kindle?

Comixology is a digital comics publisher owned by Amazon. You can browse and buy a huge selection of digital comics to read on your Android or iOS tablet or phone, including individual issues, collections and Manga.

When you buy a Kindle comic, you also automatically own a Comixology digital version which you can download to your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You just need to download the Comixology app from Google Play or the App Store (or Amazon’s own online store) and then login using your Amazon account details.

If you’d rather read the comic on your Kindle, then just download the Kindle version as normal (it should appear in your Kindle library immediately after purchase, ready to grab).


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