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How to save Live Videos in Instagram

Instagram might have started out as a picture led social media platform but it’s embracing the move to video led by competitors like Snapchat. Now Instagram has updated its app to allow you to save your Live Videos, rather than simply sharing online and losing them on your device.

Instagram originally introduced the ability to stream live videos to your followers, but didn’t offer an option to save them. Until now, that is. Instagram’s Live Videos feature was lagging behind the likes of Periscope and Facebook Live, but has been updated in the new version of the app to bring it more in line with rival video streaming apps.

So what do you need to know to hang onto those best video recordings you just can’t bare to delete?

How to save Instagram Live Videos

First off, you need to record a live video from within the Instagram app. From within Instagram, select the camera icon in the top left corner of the app. Poke ‘Live’ at the bottom left of the screen and you’re all set to shoot a masterpiece of your life.

Once you’ve finished your live video broadcast, you’ll see that there’s now an option to save that video. This should appear in the top right corner of the screen. Simply select this option and the app will then save that video onto your device’s local camera roll or gallery location – depending on if you’re an iOS or Android user – just like it would if you were using the camera normally.

If your video doesn’t instantly appear, don’t worry; it may simply take a while to save to your device. The catch? Your live video will no longer be available on Instagram through the app itself. So you’ll need to go into your phone’s gallery or camera roll to find it and watch it back again. And if you wish to share it with the world once more, you’ll need to upload to the video service of your choice.

Of course, only the video itself will be saved locally and not any comments, likes, view numbers or any other live interactions associated with the video.

What devices support Instagram Live Videos?

Both the Android and iOS versions of the Instagram app support saving of Live Videos to the device they were filmed on. That means iPhone and plenty of Android phone users can save their videos after live broadcasting from now onwards.

When can I start saving my Instagram Live Videos?

You guessed it – right now. You just need to make sure you have updated your phone with the latest version of the Instagram app and then the Save option should automatically become available. The latest version is 10.12, so check that this is the version you’re using.

Still not working? Make sure you’ve updated your phone to its latest operating system software version too.


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