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How to stream and watch the Euro 2016 Final (France vs Portugal)

How to watch the France vs Portugal Euro 2016 final on Sunday July 10, by streaming it on your Android phone or tablet, or your iPhone or iPad.

Euro 2016 is distressingly almost over, with just one match left to decide who is the champion of European football. France defeated Germany and Portugal kicked out Wales to set up a thrilling France vs Portugal final this Sunday evening, ensuring we end the weekend in style.

Here’s how to watch the France vs Portugal Euro 2016 final on your phone or tablet by streaming it live, or keeping up-to-date with the match score using a mobile app.

When is the France vs Portugal Euro 2016 final, and is it BBC or ITV?

The France vs Portugal Euro 2016 final kicks off at 8pm UK time on Sunday July 10. You can watch it on either BBC One or ITV 1, if you have access to a TV, as both channels have broadcasting rights. However, if you won’t be in the vicinity of a television, you can also stream and watch the Euro 2016 final match on your phone or tablet.

How can I watch the France vs Portugal Euro 2016 final on my phone or tablet?

To watch the Euro 2016 final on your Android or iOS device, you’ll need to download and install a TV streaming app.

For BBC coverage with Mr Lineker, you should grab the BBC iPlayer app. This is free to download for Android phones and tablets, via the Google Play store, as well as iPhones and iPads via Apple’s App Store. Once the app is downloaded and installed, open iPlayer and tap the ‘Menu’ button, followed by ‘TV Guide’. From here you can stream BBC One live. Note that you may be told to install the BBC Media Player app before you can start streaming. This is a small, legit download, so accept and you’re good to go.

If you’d rather have ITV coverage, download the ITV Hub app instead, which is also available via Google Play and the Apple App Store. Like iPlayer, this allows you to stream ITV channels direct to your phone or tablet, including any football games showing on ITV 1. You’ll need to sign up for an account first (which is free and only takes a minute), but then you’re free to watch the footy.

Alternatively, you can also stream the Euro 2016 final on ITV 1 or BBC One using an app like ToView. ToView can also be downloaded for free for Android and iOS devices and you can start streaming straight away.

What are the best phone apps for the Euro 2016 final goal alerts?

If you can’t stream the France vs Portugal Euro 2016 final or watch it on telly, then try downloading the official Euro 2016 app onto your iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet. Just head to Google Play or the Apple App Store and search for UEFA Euro 2016 Official App. When downloaded and set up, this app will alert you whenever there’s a goal in the Euro 2016 final.

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