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Stream your home PC to your iPhone using Chrome Remote Desktop

Google has released its Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS, giving iPhone and iPad users the ability to remotely control their desktop computer from their mobile without any fuss. Here’s how to get started.

Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop hit Android devices last year and now the software has made the jump to iOS too. With minimal fuss you can now set up the application and use your iPhone or iPad to control your home (or work) computer remotely, allowing you to access files, utilise programs and generally ponce about a bit.

To get cracking you’ll need to install the Chrome Remote Desktop widget on your PC or Mac, which is added to the desktop version of your Chrome browser. You’ll also need to search for the Chrome remote Desktop app on the App Store and get that downloaded – don’t worry, as it’s a completely free service.

When that’s done, simply follow the on-screen prompts on your PC or Mac to set up a remote connection on your iOS device.

The ease of use and integration with Google’s ecosystem will suit those with a strong affinity for the search giant, and of course the fact that it’s free will be a big draw. Of course there will doubtless be some privacy concerns, as there have been with plenty of Google’s products in the past, so Remote Desktop is best used only if you’re cool with the mighty Google knowing where you are and what you’re doing 24/7.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop isn’t quite a pioneer in this field, of course; apps like LogMeIn, Screens and VNC Viewer, to name just a few, already provide an arguably more extensive service with none of the privacy concerns. However, they also cost money, which is where Google has the upper hand.


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