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How to watch David Haye’s boxing match in VR

Here’s how you can watch the Haye vs De Mori boxing match on Saturday Jan 16 using a nifty Android virtual reality app, for full 360-degree freedom.

David ‘Hayemaker’ Haye’s clash with Mark De Mori this Saturday will be the very first boxing match broadcast in virtual reality, which you can watch on any compatible Android phone or tablet. The VR experience allows you to watch the match live from a number of different positions, with full 360-degree freedom, as if you were some kind of violence-loving free-floating spectre.

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To watch Haye potentially destroy De Mori in very little time indeed in full VR, you need to download the special Hayemaker 360 Android app. However, note that this app doesn’t appear to be compatible with many popular devices – we tried to use it on a Sony Xperia Z5, Samsung Galaxy S6, Nexus 5X and plenty of other phones and none of them even allowed us to download the app. We’re trying to source a full compatibility list from the creators and we’ll publish it here when we do.

The app allows you to watch the match live, and while you don’t need VR goggles for it to work, we highly recommend sourcing some Google Cardboard – or making your own super-cheap VR cardboard headset – to get the full experience.


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