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HP counts down to Palm event: HP tablet and ‘the future of webOS’

Visit HP’s events page, and you’ll come across a countdown clock for their event next week, promising to reveal the “future of webOS”.

HP are rumoured to be preparing their new PalmPad tablets- but we’re hoping they’ll also be showing something slightly smaller, a new smartphone addition, perhaps?

The PalmPad tablets are rumoured to be coming in nine and seven-inch flavours, following HP’s promise of ‘thinking big, thinking small, thinking beyond and thinking different’.

Rumours on the two tablets include processing power beyond the 1GHz stuff which is fast becoming a tablet minimum spec.

We’re also really hoping HP can really show off, and expand on their webOS- we’ve always been fans of the smartphone system in their Palm Pre phones.

Also on HP’s countdown site, is a sneaky blink-and-you’ll-miss-it trailer. At a mere 8 seconds long, we can tell it’s got corners and will be a black-gray affair. Hmm. We’ll be sure to give you more details next week- well, in six days.


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