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HP TouchPad goes back up to full price: Supply and demand?

Following the TouchPad’s transformation from tepid tablet to fire sale super-hit, HP now decided to utilise Economics 101, attempting to match supply to demand, and hoik the price back up to its original price; £399 for the original 16GB model. Good luck with that.

The TouchPad reappeared on the HP web site this afternoon. Recombu awaited a price update on both TouchPad and Pre 3 availability at 10am this morning, but until the TouchPad price rebound, nothing was announced.

HP updated saying that, “A decision, wholly outside of our control, has been made which meant that this expectation will not now be met. This decision means that we can no longer obtain any inventory of these products.

“Therefore, regretfully, we have no alternative but to cancel your order for these products and to process a full and complete refund of your money.”

We’ll let you know when we hear more on this – and if we spot any more bargains from HP we’ll let you know. We have our eyes on a cut-price Pre 3…

Here’s our pick of the best TouchPad apps out there – for those that grabbed the bargain.

Via: The Inquirer


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