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HP’s PalmPad tablets emerge: Topaz and Opal first pics

The first pictures and details of HP’s PalmPad tablets – codenamed Topaz and Opal – have been leaked.

An anonymous tipster forwarded the above pics to Engadget, which reports that the Topaz will feature a 9-inch screen whereas the Opal will rock a slightly smaller 7-inch display. Both devices are set to be unveiled at an HP event on the 9th of February.

From the renders above, it looks as though the Topaz and Opal will run on a version of Palm’s webOS. HP now owns webOS following its acquisition of Palm last year. Seeing as webOS was one of the best things about the Palm Pre phones, we’re not at all surprised to see it being ported to tablets. Engadget also reckons that the PalmPads will be compatible with the Touchstone wireless charging interface.

The devices will apparently run on single-core 1.2Ghz processors – plenty fast, but they might not be able to offer the benefits of a dual-core set up.

Both devices will be Wi-Fi only at launch, with 3G and LTE versions arriving for AT&T and Verizon in the States this September. We’d imagine that the UK launch dates would be around a similar time.

We’d certainly hope so, given that by then the Motorola Xoom and the iPad 2 would have been released. Be prepared for a deluge of leaked spec and pics during the run up to the 9th of Feb.


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