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HTC 10 camera update: Does it make a difference vs Galaxy S7

What difference does the HTC 10 update make to camera performance? Here’s our full HTC 10 camera comparison with the Samsung Galaxy S7 snapper, post update.

We’ve already reviewed the HTC 10’s 12-megapixel and 5-megapixel cameras, and while we were happy with the overall performance, we felt that the brilliant Galaxy S7 camera tech produced more attractive photos. However, only a couple of days after we posted our HTC 10 camera review, HTC put out an OTA update which claimed to improve camera performance. So, in the interest of fairness, we fully tested the HTC 10’s camera once again, and again compared side-by-side with the S7.

So, does the HTC 10 camera update improve photo quality?

In a word, nope.

Our HTC 10 photos still came out well, but once again the Galaxy S7 wins in a number of key areas. Here are our comparison shots, with the S7 on the left and the HTC 10 on the right each time. Click on a photo to expand.

High contrast scenes tend to be partly washed out with the HTC 10, while the S7 produces a well-balanced shot in most situations. The HTC 10 did capture a little more detail in darker areas on occasion, but not very often.

As for close-up shots, the S7 clearly wins out when it comes to detail and is still better at focusing when you get really close to your subject.

The S7 also produces more stand-out, vibrant colours in your photos, although that won’t be to everyone’s tastes. If you prefer more natural hues, then the HTC 10 is best. We also think the HTC 10 is a wee bit better when it comes to motion shots, with less blur regardless of the environmental conditions.

However, in low light, the S7 reigns supreme. Flash-free shots are less grainy, while the HTC 10 adds a strange blue tint to photos taken in dark environments. And with the flash turned on, the S7 still wins. Skin tones and other hues are more naturally reproduced.

The Galaxy S7’s selfie camera is also our pick of this pair, handling annoying light without a struggle and producing much cleaner shots in darker areas.

Just to re-emphasise, we really like the HTC 10’s camera tech, which is a vast improvement on last year’s One M9. However, the S7 is still undeniably the best cameraphone out there right now.

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