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HTC 10 battery and Quick Charge 3.0 Test (with Aukey)

We test how long the HTC 10 takes to power up with its built-in Quick Charge 3.0 tech, using Aukey’s USB Turbo Charger.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chipset brings with it Quick Charge 3.0, which allows mobile batteries to be replenished faster than ever before. We’ve already seen Quick Charge 3.0 in action in the LG G5 – check out our LG G5 battery tests to see how it fared.

And now we have the latest HTC flagship mobile, the HTC 10, which also packs the Snapdragon 820 and Quick Charge 3.0 support. Here’s what we think of the HTC 10’s battery life and recharge capabilities.

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HTC 10 battery life performance

The HTC 10 boasts pretty decent battery life, easily lasting a full 24 hours with regular use. That includes plenty of camera shots, frequent messaging and a fair bit of music streaming. Even if you pound the HTC 10 with non-stop video streaming, it’ll last an impressive eight hours on a single charge.

That’s almost as good as the Samsung Galaxy S7, the phone that’s lasted the longest in our media drain test in 2016 (with an excellent nine hours of playback).

HTC 10 Quick Charge performance

We drained the HTC 10 of power and then plugged it directly into the mains using Aukey’s new USB Turbo Charger, which supports Quick Charge 3.0. We then timed exactly how long the HTC 10 took to charge up.

After just 10 minutes, we already had 15 percent power (enough to easily last a one or two hour commute). We hit 50 percent charge after 36 minutes and then full charge after one hour and twenty minutes (that final couple of percent always takes a while).

That means the HTC 10 can charge faster than the Samsung Galaxy S7, which uses Samsung’s own ‘Adaptive Fast Charging’ tech instead of Quick Charge 3.0. Check out our Galaxy S7 battery tests for more info.

Note that Aukey’s Quick Charge 3.0 plug comes with a microUSB 2.0 cable, not the new Type-C USB, but you can always use the cable that comes with your HTC 10.


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