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HTC and Dropbox offering 5GB free storage on Android phones

You can argue all you want that smartphones nowadays come with generous storage options, but getting things on and off them is a hassle. You have to plug the phone in, or take out the microSD card… that sounds like work! We’re living in the future, man. Lifting a finger sounds like serious manual labour. That’s the old way of thinking. It’s all about the cloud now.

HTC and Dropbox have the right idea: they’ll be bringing 5GB of free cloud storage to all HTC Android phones. Normally if you sign up for a free Dropbox account you only score 2GB of storage, so the extra geebees are a nice bonus.

So how does Dropbox work exactly? You install their application on your computer which creates a special folder. Anything dropped in that folder is synced to their servers and available across any other devices that supports Dropbox. You can share files publicly too, and it makes syncing files across phones super duper easy.

HTC’s offer isn’t quite on par with the 50GB offered to HP TouchPad users, but you can’t win them all.

There’s still a little confusion over whether the offer extends to all of HTC’s Android phones or just the ones running Sense 3.5, but we’re sure it’ll all be cleared up soon enough.

Source: Pocket-Lint


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