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HTC and Samsung help Android dominate UK mobile market

The chaps over at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech have got their calculators out once again to keep us updated with the facts and figures about who is buying what in the world of mobile phones from the last 12 weeks. Here in the UK Android still holds the top spot, with a marketshare up 50%, up nearly 6% from last year. HTC and Samsung dominate the Android handset market with a huge 86% share.

 HTC One X screen shot 

Huge sales of the HTC One X in 12 week period up to 15th April, have already put the smartphone in the top 10 best sellers in Blighty, assisted by sales of Sony’s Xperia S and interest in the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Apple’s iOS is making traction and is hot on those green-droid heels with a 11.4% increase to 30%. Third in line is RIM, whose marketshare dropped a cutting 7.4% leaving it in a long way behind Android and iOS with 14.3% marketshare.

It is not good news for Sony either, which has just 10.4% share of Android sales, as the company struggles to convince its featurephone users to upgrade to smartphones – in fact a meagre 11% of its customers have done so over the last year.

LG’s Android market share is  less then 1% Android sales, with only 4% of customers making the upgrade to a smartphone.

Dominic Sunnebo, global consumer insight director, commented: “With smartphone penetration in the UK at 53.1%, the pool of featurephone users left to trade up is beginning to diminish. This means that smartphone manufacturers need to step up their game and find ways of stealing consumers from their competitors – something that usually proves harder than convincing existing customers to trade up from featurephone to smartphone.”

According to Sunnebo the landscape could change even more over the next 12 months, with 22 million consumers aged 13+ changing their mobile device and 80% of these consumers buying a smartphone.


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