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HTC BoomBass hands-on: Some bass with that BoomSound?

Along with the HTC Desire 601 and the Desire 300, HTC has just announced its latest accessory for the HTC One, a pink and black cube called the HTC BoomBass. As the name suggests, the BoomBass provides the HTC One’s stereo BoomSound speakers with some extra oomph via a Bluetooth connection, specifically in the low-tone department. 

An accessory just for bass? Indeed. HTC has done a sterling job with the BoomSound speakers on the HTC One, One mini and now Desire 601, but to hit the lows you need more space than a svelte smartphone can offer – and that’s where the HTC BoomBass comes in. 

For a simple box, the BoomBass is very attractive indeed. Sporting a similar form to that of HTC’s portable battery packs of 2012, the soft touch feel is coupled with a two-toned look and minimal detailing aside from a spherical speaker grille on its upper side.

This speaker grille also acts as the NFC point for wireless pairing with an HTC One. To use the device, you’ll need to turn it on via the power button on the back, sliding out the bottom portion to form something of a stand for your phone.

HTC Boom Bass hands-on

In addition to just producing bass, the BoomSound also uses the HTC One’s proximity sensor to detect listenter’s proximity from their phone, directing just the right amount of auditory clout to their ears.

Also loaded with 1200mAh battery and charged via a microUSB port on the revers, the HTC BoomBass promises up to 9 hours of music playback and 120 hours standby time.

HTC hasn’t given a UK price or release, or confirmed what devices are compatible with the BoomBass other than the HTC One, though have told us we can expect to see more of it IFA 2013, where more light will be shed on this quirky bass box.


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