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HTC Bresson: HTC’s mystery 16-megapixel Windows Phone 7 phone?

A name has emerged for the mystery 16-megapixel camera-toting HTC phone that we saw a month ago – HTC Bresson. The phone appears to have been named in honour of French director Robert Bresson, which you’d think might lend that 16-megapixel camera rumour a bit of credence.

Then again, the development names for HTC ChaCha and Salsa stuck, and neither of those phones are renown for their dancing abilities. So maybe there’s nothing in a name after all.

Aside from a possible name, Pocket Now is pointing to a “beyond September 2011 timeframe”, suggesting that the Windows Phone 7 handset will come ripe with Mango’s fruity goodness.

You’d have thought that HTC’s next generation of WP7 phones would come with the latest version of the OS built in anyway…

Mango, aka Windows Phone 7.5, has been officially announced as the next version of the Windows Phone 7 platform. Highlights include turn-by-turn navigation for Bing Maps, support for IE9 and Shazam-style track identification. Mango is due to arrive this autumn.

HTC declined to comment on the Bresson or any future Windows Phone 7 phones when we spoke to them.


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