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HTC Desire 2: Is it the European HTC Pyramid?

HTC look like they’re chasing Sony Ericsson’s title of most leaky secret-keeper. No sooner had details of an American phone code-named the HTC Pyramid been revealed, now there’s an alleged screengrab from Vodafone Germany’s inventory screen, discovered by HTC fansite, HTCInside.

See that there- that’s apparently proof of a forthcoming Desire 2. Nothing much more to report- no more background info on the picture. Why does only the Desire 2’s reference name end in HTC? Why call it Desire 2? What’s a Wildfire 1+1? Could it be the same phone that was spotted (and leaked again!) in a subway station a few weeks back?

These are some of the questions we hope to get answered at the big Mobile World Conference later this month. But a phone with dual-core processors alongside HTC’s Sense program and a high chance of future Android updates? Sounds good. We’ll be at MWC to hunt it down-  if it does actually exist.


Via: HTCInside, via: TechRadar,


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