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HTC Desire 2: new info

Specifications and pictures of the much rumoured HTC Desire 2 have begun flooding the internet prior to its possible MWC debut.

A post on the Android forums by user Rastaman-FB shows pictures of the handset as well as technical details. The Desire 2 is said to have a 3.8” Super AMOLED screen and be around 5mm smaller than the original.

Nothing as of yet as to the exact processor inside but the Android forums member describes it as “rather quick”. A later post in the forums by the user who leaked the pics suggests it is going to be dual core: “i know its dual core but i dont know what mhz it runs at yet”

The handset is running Android 2.3.1 or Gingerbread and appears to have HTC’s usual sense 2.0 overlay.

Little appears to have changed hardware-wise apart from a front mounted camera and slightly more unibody type design. The phone packs 1GB of internal storage and supports four point multitouch.

Engadget is reporting an HTC device leaked in Taiwan which looks very similar to that being discussed in the Android forums. In this case however it is said to be running Android 2.2.1

A screen grab from Vodafone Germany’s inventory leaked Friday last week has all but confirmed the handsets existence. That and a picture taken on a Taipei subway which shows a phone that looks very similar to the one leaked today.

Dual-core HTC with Sense and Android updates a plenty? Yes please!


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