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HTC Desire HD and Incredible S Gingerbread update arrives across Europe.

Spotted on HTC’s own support site, HTC have begun to release the free over-the-air (OTA) update to their Desire HD and Incredible S customers.

Although it looks like it hasn’t arrived just yet in the UK, at least not that we’ve found, updates have already been reported in Norway, Switzerland and Greece- according to Facebook fans.

The upgrade to Android Gingerbread (2.3) promises a faster internet browser, 3D Google Maps, and, for those moving on from another Android phone, the ability to download all your previous apps as soon as you activate your Google account- it’s a real timesaver.

The interface has also been scrubbed up, and given a modern Android glow.

HTC say a message will appear on the Desire HD and Incredible S when the update becomes available – looks like we’ll have to be patient.

More news when it hits British handsets- HTC were unable to confirm a concrete date when we contacted them.

Want to check to see if your HTC phone will be getting some Gingerbread? Check here; we’ve collected together all the forthcoming Android updates.

Update: We’ve just heard back from HTC who told us the following: “We’re currently in the final stages of testing with UK operators and will be rolling out the Gingerbread update soon. We will update our customers as soon as we have a final release date.”

Via: Mobile Bulgaria (via: Android Community)

Source: HTC, Facebook


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