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HTC Incredible S: Photo Gallery

We made a bee-line straight for HTC’s Incredible S, and managed to get some great hands-on shots from Mobile World Congress. The Incredible S has four-inch touchscreen, and will come with HTC’s own Sense interface, which was running on Android 2.2. Expect upgrades to 2.3 and then 2.4 in the near-future.

The Incredible S has a whopping eight-megapixel camera, capable of record 720p HD video. Note the dual LED flash next to it.

The phone will come with 1.1GB storage, but is upgradeable through the micro SD up to 32GB- plenty of space. HTC told us to expect an early summer release. More details when we get them.

A snap of a quick snap taken on the HTC Incredible S’s 8-megapixel camera. As with the Desire S, there’s a plethora of settings, and a virtual control that allows you to switch between the two cameras.

The Incredible S from the top. Despite its size, it neither looks or feels like a brick, probably because of the reduced ‘inside out’ industrial design.

A close up of the 8-megapixel camera and the dual LED flash. Here the Incredible S’s cut away/vacuum formed look is really apparent. The contours of the back appear to follow the shape of the components underneath.

All of these lovely new phones are somewhat spoiled by having these whopping great security tags fixed to their backs. Still, you can get an idea of what the Incredible S looks like from all angles – just about.

And another shot of the HTC Incredible S from the front, for good measure. Purple lighting effects come courtesy of HTC’s display stand and sadly won’t be present on the finished product.


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