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HTC Incredible S unleashed: Runs on Android 2.2, will upgrade to 2.4

HTC has just unveiled the HTC Incredible S. Initially running on Android 2.2, the HTC Incredible S is due to receive upgrades first to Android 2.3 and then to 2.4, when it becomes available.

A large 4-inch touchscreen sits on the front of the metallic giant, which also houses a twin camera set-up.

The main camera is a powerful 8-megapixel beast that records HD video at 720p, and features a dual LED flash. The front-facer is a 1.3-megapixel effort.

Internal storage weighs in at 1.1GB; not a huge amount to play with, but it’s got a micro SD slot that’ll take up to 32GB-sized cards. The ability to install apps to the card with Android 2.2+ will allow you to free up some space for things like playlists as well as all those HD video clips you’ll want to shoot with the camera.

Interestingly, HTC has opted to keep things single core with the Incredible S. Unlike practically all of its Android rivals who’ve eagerly embraced the dual core Tegra 2, the Incredible S will roll with a 1GHz chip instead. How this will see the Incredible S compare in the gaming and video playback stakes remains to be seen.

The HTC Incredible S is slated for an early summer release. HTC wouldn’t say anything further regarding a release date.


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