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HTC lets slip confirmation that Windows Phone 7 handsets will launch next month

Not a huge surprise, but nice to know that Windows Phone 7 really is around the corner after all: HTC’s Mohammad Kais Zribi, regional director for Middle East North Africa has told Gulf News that the company’s Windows Phone 7 handsets will be launching “next month” – that’s October, folks.

Aah, loose-lipped regional directors, how we love you. Along with this not-exactly-Earth-shattering news, Zribi revealed that “So far we have launched six models and around five more models by end of the year.” As Pocket-Lint points out, this means we can probably look forward to four further HTC Win Pho and Android handsets before 2010 is out.

We’ve seen a lot of the HTC¬†Mozart which will likely be HTC’s Win Pho launcher in the UK, so what else is en route? Our pens are poised over our Christmas lists as we speak.


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