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HTC One accessories: Top 5

Is the HTC One the best phone out now? We think so. It has it all, the looks, the smarts, the screen. What better way to get the most of it than with some experience enhancing accessories? Here are our top five and the best prices we could find after a quick search:

Jabra Solemate – £95.95 (Amazon)

The HTC One places a heavy emphasis on sound and design. It’s only fair that we couple it with a portable Bluetooth speaker that can deliver more sound while still packing a handsome design of its own.

Unlike the all-metal HTC One though, the Jabra Solemate, sports a rugged look. Named no doubt because of its likeness to a trainer, it offers a grippy base and a metal grille around the body. 

At the top are three buttons, while stowed away on the undercarriage is a subtle, yet genius line-in cable. With great battery life, awesome sound and portability being the name of the game, the Jabra Solemate is a worthy amplifier to the already ample BoomSound toting the HTC One.

HTC Car Kit – £32.25 (Amazon)

The first of our official HTC accessories is the HTC car kit. Were it just a car kit, we might not have felt the need to include it in our roundup, but this smart looking holder also doubles up as a perfect desk dock.

Thanks to a weighted base complete with suction pad, whether on a dashboard or a desk, the dock isn’t going anywhere. It will need a super smooth surface to suck on though, so comes with a smooth adhesive disc in the box. 

The kit holds the HTC One in landscape orientation, charging it and auto-launching car mode for all your satnav needs. Its ball and socket arm makes it a breeze to flip into portrait when at a desk, with the holder’s weighting enabling swiping and tapping with no sign of wobble.

All in all, the HTC Car Kit might not be the most fully-functional in-car dock we’ve ever seen, but it does the job and is the only one we’d happily have in the house or office when there’s no more driving to be done.

QDOS Powermax Dual (£29.99 – QDOS) + Powerplant external charger (TBC)

Have an iPad or iPhone and an HTC One? Get a QDOS Powermax dual cable.

The Powermax Dual remedies your charging woes by jamming a lightning converter on the end of a microUSB lead. This means one cable for two devices – wonderful.

Couple it with an external charger like the fantastic Powerplant portable battery pack, and you could even charge both devices at the same time. How? The ample 5,200 mAh charger offers both a USB port to plug in your Powermax Dual and charge your iDevice, as well as a micro USB out for your HTC One.

Mophie juice pack for HTC One – £89.95 (Mophie)

If you would prefer more form fitted power, then this HTC One Mophie case envelopes your phone like a juicy glove. 

It offers as much as one full charge within its plastic chassis and comes in both black and silver. While it adds heft to your phone, there’s definitely something liberating about charging on the go with no wires tying you down.

Thanks to the switch on the reverse, you can either have it on your HTC One at all times for protection, powering it up when the time is right, or you can stow it in a bag and pull it out as your power starts to plummet.

While the power button portion of the case covers up the IR blaster – Mophie has accounted for this with a semi-transparent material that lets all those infrared rays through. 

All the TV functionality therefore works perfectly and the case results in a power button that’s easier to press than the juicepack free HTC One.

MediaLink HD – £49 (Amazon)

If the HTC One is a TV’s best friend, couple it with a Media Link HD, and these friends will could soon become lovers. 

The MediaLink HD streams what’s happening on your HTC One’s display to your TV wirelessly. A simple three finger swipe up forces your phone into landscape orientation and fires content on the screen to the display.

For un-optimised apps like Netflix, it simply serves as a mirroring tool shooting the picture across. For optimised apps though, it does a whole lot more.

In the video player for example, it will stop video playback on the HTC One to save battery, pushing playback to your HD TV.

Within HTC’s stock browser, Flash videos do the same, killing the action on the phone, pushing content perfectly to your TV, streaming everything from cats with hoovers through to embedded (legal) television shows.

Have you stumbled across any fantastic HTC One accessories you just can’t live without? Fire them in the comment below along with any questions you may have about the five in this roundup.




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