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HTC One M9 laid bare in leaked promo videos

We weren’t expecting to see HTC’s One M9 until this Sunday at its grand MWC 2015 unveil, but a trio of ads hit the internet last night revealing almost every aspect of the new flagship.

The videos, which look very much like professionally made promotional material, came by way of notorious leaker, @Upleaks – though they’ve since disappeared from the his account, perhaps unsurprisingly given how much they reveal. Upleaks also chose to apologise to the Taiwanese manufacturer for “going overboard”,  but we still managed to learn a whole lot about HTC’s upcoming flagship and, as this is the internet, there are still mirrors showing the promos in their entirety.

In the clips we can clearly see that the M9 looks an awful lot like its predecessor, only with thinner bezels. Aside from that, the power button has shifted from the top edge to the right, and there’s now a two-tone aesthetic which we’ve seen in previous leaks.

It’s no real surprise that HTC hasn’t ripped apart the sleek metal unibody design of previous One flagships and started again for the One M9. However, the very similar look has already irked some tech fans, who took to social media to voice their disappointment, and we can’t help but feel some of our love for that slab of metallic loveliness trickling away.

In the promos we were able to catch a glimpse of the device’s new optics too. The phone will apparently boast a standard 20-megapixel primary camera, with the UltraPixel tech reserved for the 4-megapixel secondary snapper, to allow for better low-light selfies. The device will also boast HTC’s latest BoomSound speakers, which will serve up Dolby surround for all your movies and games.

The newest iteration of HTC Sense was also showcased in the clips and right off the bat we can see that themes will be supported in the new software. You also have improved location-based services and even location-aware functionality, which will see users run different home screens depending on their geographical location.

Another key feature shown in the clips is HTC Connect, which will let users swipe their screen with three digits to stream media to different locations on their home/work network.

The only thing the clips didn’t drop the dime on was the device’s internal hardware, but given the current benchmark we think it’s a given that there will be a Snapdragon 810 nestling inside the device, unless HTC decided to opt for the trusty old 805 instead – not that we presume they would.

The grand reveal for the HTC One M9 is scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday March 1st, so we don’t have long to wait to find out everything in glorious detail, but for now the M9 is looking like a seriously nice top-tier handset. Fair enough, the design isn’t revolutionary any more, but the improved optics and polished Sense interface have got us very interested.






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