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HTC set to launch not One, but two new flagship phones

HTC may be taking a cue from Apple with the successor to the mighty One M8, as rumours point to two different size options for the new HTC One M9 flagship phone. But would this be a shrewd move from the Taiwanese company?

A new, sleekly rendered image of the upcoming One M9 flagship handset has been leaked online by regular revealer @evleaks, and the surprise twist is that there’ll be two sizes to choose from, much like Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The image looks to be authentic and with evleaks’ track record we’re keen to believe it is. The devices pictured appear to have large front facing cameras and paper-thin bezels but, strangely, the larger of the two has a Galaxy S-style hardware home button, slap bang in the middle of its façade.

Could this be a fingerprint scanner, something HTC previously shoved onto the rear of the hit-and-miss HTC One Max? If so, we just hope that it is a little more accurate, and a little less likely to make us hurl the phone against the wall.

Leaks involving the next HTC One M9 flagship have been all over the place so far. Web gossip even suggests that the company is actively putting out dummy devices to throw people off the scent, ahead of the official launch on March 1st in Barcelona.

However, if HTC really is launching the device in two sizes, it could prove to be a very smart move indeed. Apple just recorded huge profits from iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales in the first part of 2015, owing in no small part to their offering of two screen sizes rather than just the one.

Most phone manufacturers tend to release more compact forms of their flagships some time later, although they quite often lack the same breadth of features and performance punch. Here’s hoping that the smaller One M9 model keeps all of its big brother’s smarts, like Sony’s Xperia Z3 Compact.

Tune in on March 1st for our full live coverage from HTC’s launch event.


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