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HTC One M9 Plus: in a nutshell

HTC’s mysterious One M9 Plus has been rumoured for ages and is now seeping out in leaks, but what is the One M9 Plus, what specs can we expect and when will it hit the UK? Here’s all you need to know, in just a couple hundred words…

Why should I care about the HTC One M9 Plus?

Put simply, because it looks set to be a bigger and beefier version of the One M9, which is already a very sexy and powerful smartphone. HTC’s last phablet effort (the tragic One Max) was rather poo, but from what we’re seeing it looks like the One M9 Plus could be just a mite bigger rather than a proper palm-filler, packing some fresh features including a (hopefully decent) fingerprint scanner.

What specs should the HTC One M9 Plus come packing?

Rumours suggest the phone will sport a 5.2-inch Quad HD display (so only a smidgen bigger than the One M9’s 5-inch screen), atop a rounded metal chassis with a circular camera cut-out, as opposed to the One M9’s square one.

We’re expecting to see two versions of the One M9 Plus too, with a MediaTek MT 6795 chipset in one and a Snapdragon 810 in the other, likely for the Chinese and European/US markets respectively. We’re also expecting a 2,840mAh battery, just like the original M9, along with 3GB RAM and 32GB of on-board storage space too (expandable like on the One M9).

In terms of camera smarts, a 20.7-megapixel primary with a dual-LED flash seems likely, backed by a 4-meg UltraPixel selfie cam which should allow for some half-decent low-light mugshots.

What features will the One M9 Plus sport?

The One M9 Plus should pack a fingerprint sensor for added security and convenience, unlike the One Max’s woeful scanner, which was about as affective as a chocolate teapot when it came to unlocking the device with your print.

You can also expect fast charging courtesy of Quick Charge 2.0, BoomSound stereo speakers and, of course, Sense UI 7, atop Android Lollipop.

The newest version of Sense allows users to set up location aware home screens, so you could have separate home and work profiles which automatically kick-in when you reach either location. BlinkFeed will also be location aware, displaying pertinent information depending on where you are.

When will the HTC One M9 Plus launch in the UK and what will it cost?

The device will likely be launched by HTC within the coming 3-4 weeks and we’d expect to get our hands on one by Q2, with May/June most likely for a UK release date. As the device hasn’t even been officially announced, there’s no suggestion of price, but it will likely cost a few quid more than the standard One M9 (which is now emerging from £31.99 on contracts from the likes of EE). We reckon it’ll be around £599 to £649 SIM-free.


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