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HTC One X receives first European firmware update

The HTC One X with its beautiful 4.7″ display and its quad-core prowess certainly turned heads when it launched recently, but even the greatest devices have their weaknesses and the now European firmware update has become available to fix a few niggling issues, including battery performance.

The team at Android Central are reporting the 30MB update changes the version number to 1.28.401.9 and should be available as an over-the-air update for unlocked phones. Although the update doesn’t appear to alter the user-experience significantly, it does contain some notable tweaks and bug-fixes.


The menu button no longer appears unnecessarily in some Google applications, such as YouTube and the automatic brightness settings are said to have been reigned in slightly. Some users were reporting issues with battery life, with excessive battery drain without heavy use, something we encountered in our review. The update is intended to fix this issue too, along with a known bug which previously had a tendency to squash characters on-screen together and jumble letters in the notifications panel.

For carrier-locked handsets, firmware updates such as this typically take longer to test and approve than for unlocked devices, so we’re still unsure as to when their respective updates will become available. For those of you with devices not tied to any one network, head to your ‘Settings’ menu, tap ‘About’ and finally tap ‘Software Update’ to check whether anything is available for your device. It’s worth noting that even with smaller updates such as this, you may need to check every few days as the process can take some time to reach every user.

If you’d like to find out more check out our HTC One X review and see how it fared against some of the most capable camera phones in the market in our camera comparison here.


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