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HTC Rider and HTC Kingdom ride out of rumour mill: A UK-bound version of the Evo 3D?

The HTC Sensation has barely been announced and already we’re hearing the grinding gears of the Internet Rumour Mill cranking out HTC related-stuff. A picture of a phone apparently called the ‘HTC Rider’ has been unearthed, courtesy of the charmingly named 911 Sniper.

Just one incredibly blurry pic of a phone from the side – a phone that appears to take its design cues from the HTC Desire HD and the US-only HTC Evo 3D.

Brief Mobile, where we first saw this pic, is saying that this could be the “Desire 3D, the GSM version of the EVO 3D.” We’re not so sure ourselves. It sure does look a lot like the Evo 3D from the front – the same-look rounded buttons and the same front-facing camera up at the top.

But without a rear shot showing of a pair of camera lenses, it’s hard to say. Still, with LG currently owning the 3D mobile niche over here, you can understand that HTC might want to eventually release a European version of the Evo 3D.

Another leak from the 911 Sniper vaults is something called the HTC Kingdom, another side-on shot of a very similar looking device – the same positioning of the four buttons and the same camera lens up on the top left.

An interesting listed spec for the Kingdom is that the screen boasts a qHD resolution – the same as the HTC Sensation. No other mention of the size, camera resolution or anything else. HTC declined to comment.


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