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HTC Sense 4.0 shots leaked from HTC Endeavor (aka Edge) RUU

Since Google announced Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, many an HTC fan and critic alike questioned how the Taiwanese manufacturer would integrate Google’s evolved UI with its own HTC Sense interface. The answer? HTC Sense 4.0.

While we’ve seen a few videos of the new version of HTC Sense running on an HTC Ville in both grainy-cam-vision and stills, what we have now is something far more conclusive: screengrabs from a leaked Android 4.0 RUU (ROM Update Utility) for the HTC Endeavour (aka HTC Edge) courtesy of Android Central.

These come in portrait and landscape orientation suggesting them to be representative of both phone and tablet (HTC Flyer, Jetstream and whatever else lands from HTC in the coming months). They also indicate consistency in terms of HTC Sense itself, bearing the same styling and core function as HTC Sense 3.5.

As we saw when we flashed an ICS ROM onto an HTC Sensation, there is a much more traditional launcher, with five shortcuts, four of which can be replaced as well as ICS’s typeface (Roboto) used with core system text. There are also some welcome additions such as contact access and notification updates directly from the lock screen.

All in all therefore, the update looks like a refinement across the board. We should find out at Mobile World Congress as to whether there are any huge functionality updates such as an update to HTC’s Connected Media or Watch, but in the meantime, we leave you with an array of shots from Sense 4.0.


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