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HTC teases its upcoming RECamera. An oddly shaped GoPro rival

Ahead of HTC’s upcoming October 8th event in NY, leaked stills and an official video teasing the company’s new action camera have emerged.

RECamera - 1

Yesterday HTC published a new video on its main YouTube channel with the tagline, ‘Something remarkable is coming’. The video features footage taken from a first-person perspective with shots ranging from underwater footage in a swimming pool to a girl showing off some football skills in slow motion. Dubbed the RECamera, it would appear that HTC may be looking to take on GoPro in the action camera market, how it plans to succeed is unclear.

Whilst the dedicated site mentioned in the video’s description isn’t due to go live before October 8th, one user on Reddit was able to pull a few stills and post them online giving us a glimpse of the RECamera actually looks like. Some have compared it to a periscope, others an elbow section of PVC piping. The design is comprised of a small grey tube with a right angle leading to a large lens.

No specs have yet emerged for the RECamera, but if the footage from the YouTube video was shot in its native resolution we know that this thing will be able to capture at least 120 frames-per-second slow motion at 720p HD, not to mention it’s waterproof. One shot from the video shows a couple of women placing the camera on a table, suggesting it has a flat base or a table mount, whilst another shot shows one of the women riding a bike with the camera mounted looking up at her face.

RECamera - 2

If GoPro is the intended target, the RECamera will have to be compact, highly portable, ruggedised and offer great battery life along with high-resolution video and still capabilities. There’s no further word from HTC on the product just, so whatever they’re planning to do will be revealed in New York on October 8th alongside rumblings of a new tablet.

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